The Warrior Training Group LLC
We understand that without the mental software, all the hardware we are given is useless."

Welcome to the Warrior Training Group. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality, interactive training at an economical price. You will not be disappointed.  

Courses we will bring to you:

1,2,3 Day Tactical Handgun 
1,2,3 Day Tactical Rifle

Defensive Tactics:
Police Ground Fighting (1,2,3 or 4 Day available)

Tactical Hands on Courses:
Active Shooter
Tactical SCBA and HAZMAT LE Entry
LEBA Level A,B, and C Police Bike Course
Physical Fitness for Law Enforcement

Tactical Courses (Lecture based):
The Predator Mind and Warrior Mindset
Overview and Psychological Response to Active Shooters
Patrol Response to Hostage/ Barricade Incidents
Incident Command for Active Shooters
EMS Response to Active Shooters

Homeland Security Courses:
Overview of Special Interest Groups  
Clandestine Lab Identification
Improvised Explosive Awareness
Jihadist Active Shooters

Criminal Investigation Courses

Criminal De-Briefing
Basic Patrol Surveillance
Conducting Investigations using Social Neworking Sites

Gang Investigation Courses
Gang Investigations
History of Gangs in the United States

We will bring our courses to you!  Email or call us to host a course.

See our "Course" Icon at the top of the page for class details. 

On September 10th, 2011, we opened our 1st store front.  Our Brick and Mortor Store is located at:

10591 Middleport Lane,
White Plains, MD 20695
Phone: 240-419-2861
Fax: 240-419-2863

We are open Monday to Sat. 10-6.  All 1st responders receive a discount with ID.

Visit our "Online Store" in the top right corner. We are an official distributor for VOODOO TACTICAL, CONDOR TACTICAL and many others.  In addition, we have our Active Shooter Response Kit, Official WTG Polo and books authored by Lt Col David Grossman.

We can also be found on: - The One Complete Resource for PoliceOne


We have partnered with Mr Bill Wagner from Police Training Services to assist you in finding a full spectrum of law enforcement and public safety courses.  Click the image below to visit his website.

                     "Training for cops by cops"

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."  George Orwell 
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